Phantom 3 Easiest To Fly

DJI didn’t begin as the best entry-level drone maker out there but, after all this, it’s pretty sure that they’ve taken the crown from Parrot and are also truly creating flying machines worth flying. The new Phantom 3 Professional will be the gold standard for quadcopter and I was impressed by the ease-of-use superiority the photos and video it took.

The Phantom 3 is basically a camera platform. It costs about $1,259 with thanks to the impressive camera/gimbal combination mounted to your bottom. You deal with it via both a handheld control box with multi-axis sticks and also onscreen with a smartphone tethered directly towards the remote control. The smartphone sends GPS along with other data to your drone and you’ll see exactly what the drone sees because you fly.

The best possible part of the new technique is that it is nearly crash-proof. While you are definitely going to mess things up when you, say, hit a tree, in a very wide open space you’re virtually guaranteed a soft landing. The keys are definitely the slide to consider off and slide to land buttons. When you want to consider off simply press a control button on the phone. The drone preps itself to fly then takes off and hovers. When you’re wanting to bring the drone home you only press the homing button or even the landing button. The drone comes in your direction and slowly settles as a result of earth. Most of our drones suffered multiple fractures on account of failed landings. That is don’t the case.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced

Then there’s your camera. This model, the Professional, includes a 12.4M camera that can 4096x2160p video at any height. Best of all, film is almost shake-free due to gimbal system. You can grab the Phantom into heavy winds – although I wouldn’t recommend it – and your camera would conserve the angles and remain steady. It’s amazing to behold.

If this feels like overkill, however, you can try the Phantom 3 Standard and Advanced, $799 and $999 respectively. As a mobile camera platform and all-around fun thing to fly, I was really impressed with DJI. Drones attended a long way within a short time and DJI comes the farthest. While there are numerous cheaper drones available, it was one of the easiest to fly I’ve seen inside a long time. It’s worth checking out.


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