Desired GoPro Drone Features

GoPro cameras have already been the camera of choice for drone users for quite a while. But, by having an increasing quantity of drones shipping with proprietary cameras as well as a deal with DJI that went south, GoPro was slowly losing its footing inside the drone market… Until last May when CEO Nick Woodman announced GoPro was officially implementing a drone that belongs to them.

This got a number of people understandably excited, but besides briefly mentioning “Development is on target for the first half 2016,” at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco a month ago, nothing is alleged about the what are the GoPro drone ever since the initial announcement. Check DJI Phantom 3 Price online.

While we wait to see just what the specs, capabilities and features is going to be, we chose to make a list products we want and that which you expect on the GoPro drone.

What We Want

Aside from pipedreams such as an hour of life of the battery and an fully briefed sense and get away from system, we’d like to take advantage of this section to bring up the features we’d like the GoPro Drone to own so that it can thrive inside current consumer drone environment.

To that end, the GoPro drone is going to own to include some features that no less than compare to or exceed the capabilities of available today drones.

For example, the downward facing cameras and sensors in the DJI Phantom 3 Professional edition give that drone unparalleled flight stability specially when flying near the ground or indoors. This kind of precision may not be completely necessary, since most of GoPro’s people are using their products outdoors and/or in open spaces, however the sensors may also compensate for weaker GPS signals (which might be necessary for position hold) present in remote locations. Quadcopter price.

The other major feature we wish the GoPro drone to feature is autonomous flight pattern commands just like those that is found on the 3D Robotics Solo platform. Solo includes preprogrammed flight patterns like CableCam and Orbit that enable users to share with their drone to fly from point A to point out B or fly around a collection point so the user focuses solely on camera movement even though the drone flies itself.

This allows GoPro users to share with their drone to fly around and take pictures of certain areas even though the user targets whatever action they do within that area.

Of course, this feature has some overlap using the first feature we expect through the GoPro drone…

What We Expect

Follow Me is undoubtedly an increasingly popular feature wherein a drone will track the user as he/she moves around. Some drones happen to be designed in the ground up to become optimal for follow me flights.

AirDog and Hexo+, as both versions got their start Kickstarter, include the two most well known follow me drones. Both of these drones use GoPro cameras as part of their platform and both projects have professional extreme athletes that speak for the children.

Incidentally, the Phantom 3 recently got this capability using a firmware update.

Follow Me is usually a key feature with the average GoPro user and we fully expect it to exhibit up from the GoPro drone.

Speaking in the average GoPro user, the GoPro drone is going to need for being compatible with a variety with the company’s camera models for example the tiny Hero4 Session. In fact, we wouldn’t be amazed if the Hero4 Session was the digital camera the drone ships with or at the minimum is the recommended model. Its diminutive size and mere 2.6 ounce weight ensure it is optimal for both mobility when attached with a gimbal and minimizing the whole weight with the drone (which often extends flight time).

Of course, in today’s climate, companies need to become innovating features consumers don’t have any idea they want yet so as to stay ahead on the competition.

At last month’s TechCrunch Disrupt, Woodman mentioned his company was working away at a cloud-based solution for social sharing. It is probably safe to predict this will be the type of product/feature that will roll out and become compatible while using GoPro drone, but we shall have to hold back until next year to find out exactly what will probably be onboard.


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