Drone Registry Concerns & Questions

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s unsurprising announcement Monday it would require drone keepers to register their UAVs gets mixed reviews inside commercial and hobbyist communities.

As previously reported in DRONELIFE, several industry groups and corporations have already expressed support inside the formation of any proposed rulemaking task force, including Precisionhawk plus the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.

Some, like Measure CEO Brandon Torres Declet view the move as a possible effort to “increase accountability and discourage bad behavior among drone users.” “Too many newcomers to your industry have ignored the laws and put aircraft inside national airspace at an increased risk, while commercial drone companies have made the trouble to work using the FAA,” Declet said in the statement to NBC.

Other industry leaders remain skeptical. “As wonderful things, the devil is from the detail,” Michael Drobac, director from the Small UAV Coalition told Bloomberg. “We have little detail and a lot of of this appears like it’s being pulled together quickly and with not much input from industry.”

Noted legal drone expert and current DJI vp for policy and legal affairs Brendan Shulman agreed the details will dictate how smoothly the brand new registry system will fly. Check best dji phantom 3 prices online.

“The feasibility and effectiveness associated with a drone registration system will significantly depend on information of how registration can be accomplished, who does manage the procedure, and which varieties of drones it will apply to,” Shulman said within a media statement.

Aviation attorney Jonathan Rupprecht sees several potential problems while using federal plan, detailing at the least 11 complications with registration. “How inside the world is drone registration likely to stop, actually prevent, the incident/crime/accident?” Rupprecht asks within his column.

“The two main groups that happen to be causing complaints are the “how high does it fly” group and also the “I will fly wherever I want” group. Both of these groups could be countered with geo-fencing far better than registration. Registration points someone to who probably have caused the incident, geo-fencing will help prevent it,” he added. More quadcopter drone prices online.

The attorney also question what sort of DOT or FAA would’ve any jurisdiction or authority to require drone registration in the event the vehicles take the ground, not being flown, using the drone being powered down, in the box, and inside of a building … Buying a drone coming from a store will not be operating a drone. Once the drone leaves the earth outside, next the FAA can argue jurisdiction.


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