Official Statement on Drone Registration

The US Department of Transportation released their official statement today of a drone registration system. Citing research studies of drones creating safety hazards as his or her reason for the move, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and FAA Administrator Michael Huerta announced that they’re convening an activity force to create recommendations for a drone registration process.

The 25 – 30 task force members will probably be chosen from government, industry, and “other stakeholders.” The statement names the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the Academy of Model Aircraft, the Air Line Pilots Association, the American Association of Airport Executives, the Helicopter Association International, PrecisionHawk, AirMap/Small UAV Coalition, along with the Consumer Electronics Association as representatives in the group. PrecisionHawk is often a drone manufacturer.

The purpose with the task force is to produce recommendations about which forms of drones needs to be exempt in the process, also to “explore selections for a streamlined system that might make registration less burdensome for commercial UAS operators.” The group may be directed to complete its recommendations by November 20.

“Registering unmanned aircraft will assist build a culture of accountability and responsibility, especially with new users who may have no experience operating inside U.S. aviation system,” Foxx said. “It can help protect public safety inside air additionally, on the ground.”

The statement signifies that the FAA continues with its “aggressive education and outreach efforts,” and may take “strong enforcement action” against drone operators violating existing regulations.

In a seeming effort to stem negative public opinion, the making references statements meant for a drone registration system through the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, the American Association of Airport Executives, PrecisionHawk, as well as the AirLine Pilots Association International. The DOT says actually “working with stakeholders to enhance safety to make sure further integration and innovation with this promising segment of aviation.”


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