SkyPan and FAA

SkyPan International, the aerial photography firm hit which has a proposed $1.9 million FAA for unauthorized drone flights, has published a result. Responding not just in the specific charges but additionally to public opinion, the statement hits back on concerns of safety and responsible drone use.

In a three-part response published within the SkyPan website, this company first highlights the positive economic impact that belongs to them commercial drone use. Pointing out that aerial photography assists the commercial real estate sector in a number of ways, SkyPan states that their contribution to local commercial real estate development “helps create jobs, includes a multiplier relation to local economic expansion and spurs cities to develop within a vigorous, sensible and culturally viable manner and pace.”

SkyPan then cites their safety record, claiming that within the 27 years that the corporation has been in business, they’ve got never had an instance of destruction of person or property, or been accused of an invasion of privacy or safety violation. Check best dji phantom 3 prices online here.

SkyPan has evolved and utilized time-tested safety protocols and procedures, dedicated to continual research and growth and development of flight system technology, and provided detailed pre-flight process consultation with home owners and major engineering/construction contractors. These measures and systems make sure that SkyPan, always operating with ample insurance, home owner advance clearance, and robust legal advisory fundamentals, consistently and reliably protects the interests of their business clients, surrounding property holders and the public in particular.

SkyPan also states that they can use only single rotor robots that have been tested and inspected from the FAA, claiming which they are “one with the safest UAV operations inside the USA.”

In direct respond to the FAA accusation, SkyPan categorically denies the fees, stating:

SkyPan operates only in privately owned air space within the private property of that clients. Never flying over people or public spaces, SkyPan always maintains straight up/straight down flights with fulltime altimeter monitoring and take care of aircraft control. SkyPan never operates greater than surrounding structures and don’t penetrates the navigable US airspace as defined with the FAA.

The FAA alleges that the business flew 65 unauthorized drone flights over various locations in New York City and Chicago between March of 2012 and December of 2014, 43 of these from the highly congested and restricted New York Class B airspace.


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