GoPro Presents New Drone

GoPro offered a “sneak peek” of footage captured off their new drone, and it also looks great. The camera company specifies which the footage was taken together with the new drone prototype, and used no post-production stabilization. The footage is impressive – plus it looks like GoPro could be on its way to the consumer drone market.

GoPro’s foray into drone manufacturing could be a “make it or break it” move to the company. In July, the corporation told MarketWatch that they can believed drones were how you can expand their business. “Privately operated UAVs undoubtedly are a big opportunity,” GoPro spokesman Jeff Brown told MarketWatch. “We believe the recent spike in adoption is as a result of the jaw-dropping video content generated by consumers.”

Goldman Sachs agreed together. When Sachs initiated coverage on GoPro in July, analyst Simona Jankowski told StreetInsider that this successful growth of the corporation depended upon their new foray into drone manufacturing. Check Skyreat page.

“…in our view GPRO’s CY16E P/E of 28X makes it necessary that GoPro sustain 20%-plus growth above the next three-plus years, which depends on the success of its entry into your drone market in 2016 as well as its content monetization. …We believe this expansion makes strategic sense, as consumer drones typically carry cameras (quite often GoPro’s) to capture aerial footage, in addition to their users possess a large overlap with GoPro’s subscriber base,” said Jankowski. “From financial perspective, GoPro has to expand with an adjacency like drones to be able to maintain a 20%-plus growth rate.” Visit quadcopter price page.

Not everyone agrees which the company will probably be successful. Chinese manufacturer DJI, who currently holds over 40% in the market in the US, says that developing a drone just isn’t as easy as it’s.

“Generally, making a new drone is significantly harder than building a new phone or camera,” DJI spokesman Michael Perry told MarketWatch. “The degrees of quality control and testing involved are significantly more difficult for teams with smaller R&D teams.”

DJI has maintained our lead on the market due to our world-leading flight controller technology according to millions of flight hours, that’s hard for newcomers to duplicate,” Perry said.

GoPro released the sneak peek on Wednesday after market shares of this company fell over 15%, after a missed earnings and purchases forecast.


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