Drone, Helicopter Near Miss In California

A car thief got away on Saturday every time a California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter were forced to veer sharply in order to avoid a drone in Contra Costa County. The helicopter was tracking a stolen car from your air if the pilot noticed the drone’s red lights, and changed course to counteract a collision. The helicopter than followed the drone to where it landed in Martinez, and contacted police to receive the drone operator.

The drone operator would be a young Chinese exchange student, who had recently purchased the $1,000 drone. Visit Dji Phantom 3 review site. The operator has not been following basic drone regulations, flying at 700-800 feet rather than staying in the 400 ft altitude limit, and flying the drone outside of his own distinct site.

While no arrests have already been made after all this, CHP officer James Andrews says they have filed reports together with the air traffic control plus the FAA for possible prosecution in the operator.

“Missed it by below 100 feet,” Andrews said within a statement. “The pilot was required to make a very drastic, abrupt turn. It was very, very close…He looked outside, saw a red light, as well as in the time he explained to himself, ‘Is that your drone?’ he remarked that it was indeed a drone, and it had been almost along with him,” Andrews described.

The FAA says who’s received 238 reports from pilots of drones flying into their airspace in 2014, but that 650 incidents have already been reported between January 2015 and August 2015.

“The FAA can be quite concerned together with the increasing reports we’re getting from pilots about small drones flying near their aircraft,” said FAA Spokesman Ian Gregor. “Some these are flying a huge number of feet up or perhaps busy arrival and departure corridors.”

The expected flood of holiday drones – some estimates declare that 1.000.000 drones will probably be sold this winter holiday – has prompted the FAA to up their efforts on drone education. In this example, simply learning the basic regulations would’ve avoided the situation.


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